An artwork is carrying a statement based on a story. Not by purpose, it just happens. Once engrossed in the topic core it may happen that the final work includes multiple statements and stories. But it’s always about the opulent presentation of a subject. No matter if I deal with “Surfing in Hawaii” or “1913”. The diversity of story telling is my concern. I am addicted to the “special view” and the humour and spirit of story telling in my artworks.





Usually preparation and research is very extensive and takes more time than the actual drawing. Research and investigation as well as the discovery of interesting and well fitting facts and pictures need weeks of time. The Artwork “1913” arose within 6 months. It was like an investigation for a book.


Typography is my big passion. I apply myself to combine typo and visual elements. Almost everything is drawn by plume and brush. I regard my liking of typography as a family tradition. My grandpa and my great-grandfather were both painter owning a store for artist needs. Both were painting churches, ballrooms and doorplates. As a child I was extremely fascinated by their stencils for ornaments and typo.


I love to work with stamps. They are able to tell stories on a very limited space. In my artworks they serve as “stories in the stories”.

Some artworks are plenty loaded of photos and imprints. For me they are a kind of contemporary witnesses. Originate from old newspapers, magazines and photo books they achieve an essential role in the artworks or made by Uwe Arens Berlin



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